Monday, 18 June 2012

Great Weekend find!!! I Love my Laundry Shop in Cape Town


I found another cool place this weekend... one of my friends mentioned in the week that we must go take a look and yesterday morning, I found the opportunity to go for a quick cup of coffeeand I am really impressed with this shop!

Situated in Heritage Square, CBD.

As a combined laundromat, coffee shop, art gallery and wine distribution agent, this shop really is AWESOME. The decor is tooooo cute and the owner is super friendly as well.

I will be back very, very soon! Maybe back to try one of their weekly Wednesday evening ‘laundry parties’! Sounds interesting....

Take a look: 

Close up of the shop....

Interesting Interior!

Try it!



  1. Quite an interesting shop, but what exactly do you do there? Laundry? ;p

  2. It is a Laundry/Clothes Alteration/Coffee shop/Wine Collection Point and a Art Gallery: a variety of things. Very different to the normal Cape Town shops!

    You can have coffee, sweet treats and Dim sum as well (I must still go try this).

    In addition, they have the Wednesday night parties for Networking and I liked the cool Art on display. The owner told me that as from tonight they will have Arno Carsten's art on display...

    As you can see, I learnt a lot in one morning lol!

    Try them - The address is: 59 Buitengracht, Heritage Square in the CBD.